• Promote the recovery of multiple diseases

oriori hand grip training device

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Effects of smart stress balls in functional exercise of patients with midline catheters

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Portable Smart Breath Exerciser

It adopts self-developed medical-grade hot film flow sensor, small size and easy to carry. Contribute to rehabilitation training for COVID-19 and COPD, improve the depth and duration of breathing, help for breathing difficulties, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and wheezing.


Clinical research

Seek more clinical cooperation from medical institutions

We are willing to cooperate with more disease rehabilitation institutions so that our device can be combined with rehabilitation courses to make a greater role and help more disease patients alleviate their pain.

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At present, we have cooperated with a number of medical institutions. Through the combination of device and courses, the speed of patient recovery has been greatly improved, and clinically excellent results have been demonstrated.

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