OPUMP Breathing Trainer

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BE AN OLYMPIAN BREATHER | OPUMP is a scientifically designed lung boost respiratory trainer proven to help you gain a competitive edge. This performance breathing trainer will help you improve performances in sports & other cardio activities by decreasing exercise-limiting dyspnea, while at the same time accelerating recovery & reducing time to fatigue.This is the breathing exercise device that can serve as your companion to the road to the Olympics!
IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH RESPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINING | Whether you are a competitive athlete, triathlete, Olympian or weekend warrior, make Respiratory Muscle Training or RMT a part of your training routine.
A GYM FOR YOUR LUNGS | The OPUMP is an inspiratory muscle trainer that helps train your lungs to improve oxygen flow to your body. Oxygen training can help improve overall physical performance and give you an advantage over your competition.
DESIGNED FOR EASE OF USE AND PORTABILITY | This inspiratory trainer is lightweight and portable. Featuring a cutting edge design, it has adjustable and independent inspiratory and expiratory pressure settings. Best of all it's easy to use, clean, maintain, carry and store.